At Triana Media, we produce high quality documentaries for different distribution channels -film, TV and online media.

At Triana Media, we produce high quality documentaries for different distribution channels -film, TV and online media.

1967: Canada Welcomes the World (2017)

The Dominion Public Building (2015)

Juan Andrés Bello


Juan Andres Bello is a documentary producer. His latest endeavours are Sembradores de Optimismo, a series of short documentaries for HBO Latin America, and The Dominion Public Building, an interactive documentary on one of Canada’s heritage landmarks.


His independent projects include El Cerrito, the history of a modern architecture masterpiece built in Caracas in the 50s, The Queen of the People, which tells the story of the first popular and democratic election in Venezuela and Reverón, the portrayal of one of the pioneers of avant-garde art in Latin America


He has also produced several works for A&E / The Biography Channel, including specials for the Biography series dedicated to Oscar Arias, former president of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize 1986; María Félix, one of the legends of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and Carolina Herrera, the world renowned fashion designer.


As Executive Producer, he created and produced a TV series about cultural heritage titled Viva Venezuela.


Previously, he worked ten years in TV programming and acquisitions, gaining strong knowledge of media business and content strategies.


In Canada, his country of residence, Juan Andrés Bello developed a full series of film production courses for Western University (London, Ontario), including an innovative course on Archive Images and a project focused on experiential learning and civic engagement.


He is now committed to the production of media content for both international and Canadian audiences.


Juan Andrés Bello is a member of the Documentary Organization of Canada, the North American Association of Latino Producers and the Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada.


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