Social Impact

We believe in the power of media to create social impact. Thanks to many years of community work, combined with our expertise in documentary production and inter-institutional relations, we were invited by HBO to develop a series about the work of outstanding Non-Governmental Organizations in Latin America.


The title of the project is Sembradores de Optimismo –the literal translation would be ‘Sowers’ or ‘Seeders’ of Optimism- and it’s focused on people who have dedicated their life to the advancement of education. In the last three years, we have traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico, The Dominican Republic and Venezuela to work with organizations in the education sector. The series is in its third season and has been exhibited on HBO, HBO2, HBO Family and Cinemax.


These are the services that we provide:


  • Concept Development
  • Partnerships
  • Production
  • Editing
  • Promotion & Social Media Strategy


We look forward to continuing exploring the production of long and short-form documentaries on social justice and community issues and forging new partnerships with media outlets, businesses, and organizations in the non-profit sector.



In Argentina we worked with El Arca, an NGO dedicated to the defense and promotion of children’s rights. One of its more interesting projects is “que nadie se quede sin ir al colegio” -“no one is left out from school”- a program aimed at solving issues of school absenteeism.



In Brazil, we had the privilege of visiting Casa de Zezinho, and organization located in an area of Sao Paulo that was previously known as the “Triangle of Death”. For over more than 20 years, Tia Dag and her team have developed an innovative pedagogical method based on ‘mutual care’.



In Bogota we were invited to the South of the city, to spend time with a group of children from ‘El Trencito’, a pre-school center. Jorge, their teacher, shared with us a day in his life as an educator, and the importance of forming habits at an early age.



We visited Haiti a few weeks after Hurricane Matthew. We worked with Foi et Joie, an organization with more than 17 schools across the country. Our documentary was focused on the Elementary School of Canaan, a community established after the 2010 earthquake, and also on a labour skills education program.



In Mexico City, we met the team of Ibby México A Leer, an organization devoted to promote the enjoyment of reading. They took us on a tour to visit the ‘bunkos’, a network of home-based community libraries managed by neighbours.


The Dominican Republic

The Dream Project provides more than 670,000 hours of quality education to more than 7,000 children through 14 different programs across 27 communities in the Dominican Republic. In addition, DREAM programs indirectly benefit thousands more each year by reaching to the students' family members and their extended communities.



With a growing rate of homicide, Venezuela faces poverty, violence, and crime as its major predicaments. Madres Promotoras de Paz –Mothers Promoting Peace- is a group of women who work to fight the problem through dialogue and promotion of civic rights.



Community Engaged Learning


Western University (Canada) wanted to provide students of the Film Studies program with an opportunity for community engaged learning.


I designed and taught a Service Learning course, in collaboration with the Student Success Centre. Students worked as volunteers with non-profit organizations and made films about their experiences.


In three years, we established 15 partnerships and produced 19 short films, including one in Poland on teaching strategies around the Holocaust.



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