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The Queen of the People


In 1944, Caracas hosts the 7th Amateur Baseball World Series. The organizers decide that the beauty queen of the event has to be elected via a popular vote. The title is disputed by Yolanda Leal, a school teacher from a humble neighbourhood, and Oly Clemente, a young woman from Caracas’ high society.


The beauty pageant soon turns into a passionate contest. The country was entering a transition to democracy and the newly formed political organizations understood the event as a means to promote their ideas.


The first universal election in Venezuela was held in order to choose a beauty queen.


The Queen of the People (La Reina del Pueblo) is a documentary by Juan Andrés Bello. It was produced by Producciones Triana, with the participation of Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía.


La Reina del Pueblo © 2010 Producciones Triana C.A.


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